Shopping is now a major leisure activity for people of all ages and customers want more than just a retail experience.

They want a 'whole-family' day out with enticing restaurant choices and additional activities, such as cinema, creating opportunities to spend more quality time with friends and family.  

Turning shopping centres into leisure destinations

We work with landlords to change and develop spaces so that the leisure aspirations of today's shoppers can be met.

By improving the choice, range and quality of A3 units the choice, range and quality available to the customer can be vastly improved.

From the inclusion of a champagne bar to quality restaurants and healthy fast food offers, we create the spaces to make it happen.

A vibrant city centre is essential for a community that people want to live in and visit. However a single street of empty buildings, which don't meet the needs of modern retailers and restauranteurs, can have a negative impact on a much larger area.  

Friends eating in a quality restaurant