Retailer and shopper expectations are continually changing. For landlords, protecting and enhancing the value of your asset means being able to develop your venue to meet, and exceed, these expectations.

Improving and regenerating spaces

At HFM Architects we focus on improving and regenerating spaces. Whether your project has arisen from a need to increase unit size, transform arrival points or increase shopper dwell time with the creation of new catering and leisure places, we focus on delivering creative value.

We understand the challenge of working in occupied premises, the need to protect asset value and the desire for work to be achievable with the minimum of disruption to retailers and shoppers.

We also provide a Retail Delivery service to Landlords, to ensure that Tenants' fitouts meet the highest standards and enhance the Mall environment.

Transformation of the Mall frontages to increase shopfront heights and brand awareness

We worked with Hammerson plc to meet their tenants' requirements for larger units.

Raised bulkheads at Oracle Reading