The places in which we ask people work, have a significant impact of how individuals feel and ultimately how an organisation performs.

More effective ways of working

The directors of HFM Architects have designed and supervised the construction of new buildings and the refurbishment of offices on behalf of many of the UK's largest landlords and property investors.

We understand that well-designed workplaces promote more effective ways of working and hence we advise the public and private sector on space planning, fitting-out and furnishing new workspaces to support significant change management within the organisation.

Minimum interruption

When we refurbish a suite of offices, skilful collaboration with construction teams enables us to breathe new life into the working environment with minimal disruption to the people who work there.

When Nottingham's regional newspaper, The Evening Post, moved to new headquarters, it marked a significant step in the company's changes to meet the challenges of journalism in the 21st Century.

Two key areas of City Place House in London, the atrium and entrance hall, were uninspiring and not meeting the needs of their users.

In the atrium, we designed and installed a dramatic light sculpture comprising a stepped platform with giant acrylic cubes of water. Air jets blowing streams of bubbles through the water and colour-changing lighting gave constant movement and energy.

Nottingham Post space planning