As architects and client advisors, at HFM Architects we measure our success by how much people enjoy using, working and living in our buildings and by their long-term value to our property investment and developer clients.

Long-term relationships

We have built enduring relationships with many of our clients since our launch in 1993, a testimony to the quality, cost-effectiveness and personal nature of our service.

We are sensitive to the differing requirements and perspectives of our clients and are skilled at reconciling different viewpoints into an original design solution, creating a building of lasting benefit to client and user and adaptable to changing needs.

Specialist Expertise

We address every aspect of a building's infrastructure, services and intended use down to the finest detail, utilising the expertise of specialist contractors and working in partnership with them to ensure that a building is straightforward and economic to construct and wears well throughout its life.

We are a RIBA Chartered practice and use an ISO 9001 based quality management system.  We are committed to maintaining healthy and safe environments for the people who both construct and use our buildings.

We want our clients to benefit from the latest innovations in technology and materials so we explore and make use of new services and design solutions wherever appropriate.

Please take a moment to find out about our key personnel. We look forward to working with you.