Lower Mall Completion at The Oracle, for Hammerson

A new dramatic design aesthetic for the lower ground floor trading level at The Oracle Shopping Centre for Hammerson.

Our proposal aimed at giving more prominence to the brands and how these are expressed by each tenant via their shopfront design, with a more uniform and softer looking bulkhead above concealing the two levels of parking over the shops.

Following the successful remodelling of the Upper Mall at The Oracle, where double height shopfronts now give much greater scope for retailers to express their brands, the client's brief for the lower mall was to increase shopfront height as much as possible and greatly improve the lighting which was very poor.

Removal of the redundant mechanical ventilation allowed a increase in shopfront height of 450mm. The new bulkheads and mall bridge soffits followed the design of the upper mall with soft curved edges to the voids, abd working with Studio Fractal, we developed a lighting scheme based on Barrisol light boxes and Kemps LED strip lights.

The overall effect has been to greatly improve the feeling of space and light which is already attracting new exciting tenants to this part of the shopping centre.

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